Recently I reached the 3 month level mark at my new job. Back up a few months and I could tell you I was a nervous wreck at my first day at work. I didn’t know what to expect honestly, but by the end of it I was left with the feeling of assurance. I can’t thank some of the people at work enough.

Now I have been through many transitions in my life and the one thing I always dread is the not knowing. Its especially true when you are facing them alone. The not knowing of what excellence or unpleasantness awaits you is just terrifying. But its also exciting. It can be anything; from your first day at college to meeting a new person altogether. What I have realized though, is that change isn’t always bad and that taking a plunge can really pay off every so often.

Caution change, do not deplore it,
If you are in a situation, embrace it,
Be like Sam, say pish posh
and let you carry you away

I am in a good place right now and I should start appreciating my people more. Here is to hoping 2017 is more of them and a little less of me.