Dear Mr. Postman

Yesterday was Sunday. I missed you. So here is a rundown of things from today and yesterday:

People don’t really like their 25th birthdays for some odd reason.

Potterheads are some of the most passionate people I have seen.

Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Iced Coffee is a hidden gem (shh.. you’re welcome)

I frankly donut (geddit ^) have the strength or time to get into a new show anymore. 

I should really start reading again.

I learned that when dogs are happy, they wag their tails to the right.

Also, I should REALLY memorize my mom’s cell number. 

Did you know that my neighbours have an excellent taste in everything?! So maybe, next time you could just.. nvm


I can’t wait for you to be back tomorrow (hopefully with some parcels for me). I do realise I have been nothing but selfish in this post, so how about an icy lemonade tomorrow afternoon?

You guys can come along too. Shh..