A blanket of stars

I ended up taking philosophy this semester, and for some odd reason, I find myself constantly wondering and picturing the lives of those around me. The odd part being that I feel as if I have some sort of an emotional attachment to them. Like I am part of their lives or rather, that they are part of mine. Not just people, though, it’s all these places that have been marked by countless memories; both joyful and tragic ones.

Some weeks back, I was sitting in my car (unsurprisingly), just waiting in the parking lot. Two parking spaces right to me was a young woman who had her head bent down on the steering wheel, it took me two full minutes to realise that she was crying her heart out, right there. Across from us, were these fleet of police cars and ambulances, and right in the middle, was a heavy bike which had clearly been involved in a horrible accident. Every now and then, she would pause to glance at the scene. It broke my heart to see her this way, and I wanted nothing more than to go and tell her, that everything was going to be okay, and that he was going to make it.

The rest of that day was a blur.

I love when people unite together for whatever good cause they might end up doing. I love when a person finds good from a huge pool of malice and spite. I love when a person guides another person, instead of judging and forcing his/her thoughts on them.  Weird world this.

We want to lie on the grass unburnt;
Just breathe our way through life;
Underneath this glorious blanket of stars;
So we can stand tall, even after midnight.

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in the hope that someday, we will be good enough for ourselves and for everyone else too. Sometimes, it does work out nicely.