Falafels and Airport struggles

Right. So a very dear friend of mine suggested that I look and maybe even write about the positive things in my life. So that is exactly what I decided to do this week. After all, it was spring break, so I didn’t really have much better things to do except binge-watch the new season of Daredevil (which I still haven’t gotten around to). Anywho rewinding back to…


I was dropping off my mother’s friend and her (oh so playful) children, at the airport. We made our way to the Southwest counter to check in the baggage. So a little background on her luggage; it consisted of three cartons, three large suitcases, a hand carry, a stroller, a couple of handbags and a basketball. Next came the weighing part, and I kid you not, every single one of the boxes was exactly 2 pounds over the 50-pound set limit.

At this point, I was exhausted from the lack of sleep, the headache and the constant noise that surrounded me. Did I mention it was 6:30 a.m?
No way I was going to let her pay $225 ($75 per overweight piece) for 6 measly pounds in excess. Luckily for us, the suitcases were ‘eligible’ to transfer that excess load to. The only trouble was, now we had to snip open each and every one of the well packaged cartons, transfer the stuff to the suitcases, and re-package them cartons. Then entered Ellie (the Southwest staff member) and I swear to you if I was in her position I would firstly, would be irritated (frikking early in the day to deal with such inconviences) and secondly would do as much as possible to stay away from the situation that we had gotten ourselves in. But god bless Ellie, she had a scissor and a tape, and she could easily have handed it over to me, yet she did not. She literally took the scissors & snipped open all of the three boxes, and then assisted in re-taping all of them too, without so much as a sigh. By the end of it, she was still giving that warm cheerful smile and I could not stop myself from thanking her enough.

Oh, it is safe to say that I was in fine spirits on the ride back home and even stopped to pick up a mediterranean breakfast for the family. I mean how could you go wrong with: Hummus, falafel, foul, shawerma and of course seekh kebab sandwiches. All in all, not a bad day (that is excluding the match loss to New Zeland, which I still don’t want to talk about).



Pro tip: Always, always, make sure that your luggage isn’t in excess when travelling, or just pray that you end up getting someone like Ellie.

P.S. I realise this post isn’t giving a completely optimistic vibe, but I swear I’m trying.

Note to self: Stop swearing so much.




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