Now Pain was sitting at the table alone, he longed for some company. He wondered about whom he should give a call, should he call his now ex-best friend Michael (also known as ‘wee M’, well, because he was wee and Scottish) or should he call upon his second cousin Charlotte whom he rarely met but liked the occasional meet up with. Now Charlotte wasn’t very nice to Pain, in fact she was the kind of person who would always argue with people just for the sake of argument. She was bold and forthright about everything, but what Pain liked about Charlotte wasn’t her daunting nature, it was her capability of taking her bets very seriously. She was always up for a wager as long as the return was good. Now Pain at this moment was bored beyond despair and he yearned for some amusement, so Charlotte would do nicely he thought.

She was there within the hour.  After the formalities were done, Pain went on to tell Charlotte the proposition he had come up with. For fifty dollars, she had to convince a person in the café they were in to call her mother, and tell them they were a doctor and her medical reports just came in and the results didn’t look good. It only took her a couple of seconds to make up her mind. She was in. 15 minutes was the time limit agreed upon.

She scouted the place for any potential schmuck to reel in. She made her first move to a relatively older woman who was sitting two tables across from her. It didn’t go well. There was a lot of No’s being said suggested by the movement of her head.

Charlotte just thanked them and moved away. 6 minutes and she had nothing to show for. Pain just smirked.

She now made her way to the group of two friends who had just ordered.
“Hey! I’m Charlotte. This may seem peculiar but I need one of you to call my mother and tell me that I’m sick.”

The two guys just looked at each other. Then one of them replied with “Why?”

“Just because, umm, it’s for a prank and I know it’s a very disturbing prank to pull, but I need this one”, she replied convincingly.

“And if we do, what do we get?” one of them sneered.

She was quite taken back. Now this she didn’t expect. “How about you get a “You owe me” which you can put it to good use in the near future, and my deep gratitude.”

“Done. What do we have to do?”

She explained. The guy with the ripped low jeans took out his phone and dialed the number.

“Hello. Is this Mrs. Carter? I am Dr. Bradshaw from the Colby City Hospital and this is about your daughter, Charlotte. Her test results just came earlier this morning and I am afraid I have got some bad news. I can’t explain to you over the phone, I tried reaching her but her phone is switched off, and she listed you as her emergency contact. I’m afraid this is very urgent so if you could please have her back call me as soon as possible.” He hangs up with a wry smile on his face.

“That was brilliant”, Charlotte remarked.

“You have got a lot of explaining to do when you get back.”

“Yes I do. Thank you. Put it to good use, won’t you now?”, as she handed him her mobile number.

“I will”, he said humorously.

“There you go, with a minute to spare” she beamed to Pain.

“And fifty dollars’ worth spent”, he complimented as he handed off the money.

Never a dull day with Charlotte he thought.


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