Is it just me or a college’s hall is one of the more exciting places to be in? People are always moving, talking, enjoying their coffees and just being themselves. Students syncing their walks to the rhythm of the delightful music, teachers interacting with their peers and enjoying a quiet chuckle here and then. The college’s walls has seen so many secrets, shared a many thousands of memories; some cheerful, some glum.

The rush you get when you see your friend right across the room, the laughs you share over a croissant or two; the stories of the previous day pouring down. The jubilant atmosphere, the stories untold, the guy quietly sitting in the corner reading his novel so intently, the constant buzzing of phones, the scent of perfumes and coffee fusing.

It justย extends its magnitude of sheer brilliance and its allure onto everything & everyone that passes it.


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