Presumptuous? Always.

I know even now, in this very moment that I’m going to regret the next couple of years of my life, probably more. Reason? Making the wrong decisions just because I’m too lazy or too afraid of the uncertainty my actions will bring. I know more often than not I’m going to end up hurting my loved ones, disappointing them. It gets me thinking, foreseeing these possibilities, should I not become a better human being? Should I not accomplish something to see those eyes filled with delight, for once live up to those expectations.

On a less cliched note, are you scarred yet, mate?

No matter which ever way I slice it, I can never justify the reasons of my actions that have on numerous occasions become the cause of dismay and sorrow for others.

‘And you may be delirious but that is something that will fade,
After you confess that this mess is all something that you made.

Oh, because the judge of you is someone I could never be,
Is why you should thank the Lord that it is Him, and it’s not me.’

Relient K

Here is to hoping you and I become a better something, perhaps even a better someone.

Aman Khan