All things call for a beginning

The way things were playing out, I couldn’t see myself going very far. I was stuck in this pessimistic loop of gloominess. I couldn’t make heads or tails of what I wanted to achieve with my life; should I become a doctor and save lives, go to one of the third world countries and perhaps offer my assistance in the form of teaching or maybe just earn millions by hard work and donate a part of that wealth to charity. These thoughts were all positive, the problem was reality.
Thus began my on and off struggle with ignorance.

“Where ignorance is bliss,’tis folly to be wise.”

If one can attain the state of completely ignoring the on goings of the world, life can suddenly become such a pleasantry. However, nothing lasts forever, for certainly death has a say in things. It was the death of a close relative that pulled me back to reality.

Yes, I made it through the first 10 seconds of life with spirit. What came after were nineteen years of miscued uncertainty.

Aman Khan


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