The little boy screamed her name in pain and in agony, O where is chivalry. Behind the uncut scenes, you’ll find him searching for the mother he lost when he was four. His eyes were sore and the pain made his body numb, he’s sixty-two now and his life is almost done. He wasn’t sad because she was gone, he was sad because she had forsaken him, when she took her life that hostile night. He remembered the pancakes she used to make and read a novel to him right by the warmth of the fireplace. He glanced at the clock and realized it was after 10, so the four year old put down his pen and went off to bed.

Aman Khan


Let’s call it exploring

The words ‘That’s racy’ pops in to our minds as soon as we hear some juicy gossip about our co-workers/friends. Our mind is trained such, that it leaves traces of curiosity and excitement even after the discussion has ceased. It’s in human nature; we do like to judge those who are close to us, or anyone for that matter.

The emotions that arise from forming an opinion depends on how we feel about that particular person. Jealousy, sadness, frustrated and (sometimes) joyfulness are all common reactions. The next thing our mind does is to comprehend if one needs to react at all to the new tidbits that have come to light.

“Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.” – Aristotle

I am not going to stop judging anytime soon, but I sure will try to reduce letting my emotions get the better of me. Who knows, in time, you and I both will have come a long way from this moment.

I will leave you guys with this amazing song by Sara Bareilles:

Aman Khan

All things call for a beginning

The way things were playing out, I couldn’t see myself going very far. I was stuck in this pessimistic loop of gloominess. I couldn’t make heads or tails of what I wanted to achieve with my life; should I become a doctor and save lives, go to one of the third world countries and perhaps offer my assistance in the form of teaching or maybe just earn millions by hard work and donate a part of that wealth to charity. These thoughts were all positive, the problem was reality.
Thus began my on and off struggle with ignorance.

“Where ignorance is bliss,’tis folly to be wise.”

If one can attain the state of completely ignoring the on goings of the world, life can suddenly become such a pleasantry. However, nothing lasts forever, for certainly death has a say in things. It was the death of a close relative that pulled me back to reality.

Yes, I made it through the first 10 seconds of life with spirit. What came after were nineteen years of miscued uncertainty.

Aman Khan